Getting Around Porto

TAP Portugal • Official Carrier

TAP is the leading Portuguese airline, flying since 1945 and has been a member of the Star Alliance since 14 March 2005. Its Lisbon hub is a key European gateway at the crossroads of Africa, and North and South America.

TAP Portugal has agreed to offer a discount to the participants of the
“Atlantic Blues Festival” who make their flight booking and buy their ticket
exclusively through TAP Portugal’s website.

Click here to download the information packet about booking with TAP for your trip to Atlantic Blues in Porto.

The discounts offered are the following:

    • 10% in economy class
    • 15% in business class

The code IT18TPCG14 has been given to this event and must be mentioned
when making the booking in order to benefit from the discount:

  • enter the website
  • select flights and dates (The discount applies only for travel to the event.  It is valid for round trip journeys from any TAP destination to Porto or Lisbon.)
  • insert the event code in the Promotion/Congress Code Box, located on the left side of the webpage
  • In case of questions, please contact TAP Portugal by the following email:

Metro, Bus & Tram

You can get pretty much everywhere using the metro and bus lines. There are also night buses, which are fewer but reach most central spots in the city. These might come in handy after our parties, which end around 4:00 AM!

Metro do Porto: lines run from 06:00 AM to 01:00 AM. You can check the Metro website for metro lines. All lines run through the centre of Porto, and all but the yellow line go through the Casa da Música stop, where our activities are taking place.

Bus timetables: You can check the STCP website for information about bus routes and timetables

“Andante card” [0.60€]: This is a reusable card that you can refill using cash or credit/debit card in the machines at the metro stations. You can use them on the metro as well as the buses.

Prices: Upon purchasing your blue Andante card, you decide how many trips to put on it and which zone. A one-trip ticket for the centre zone (Z2) costs 1.20€ and a trip lasts for one hour. If you put 10 trips on at a time, you get the 11th for free. The cost for that is 12€. There is also a 24-hour option for 4.15€. You can look here for the prices on the website. *If you are staying in the centre, you will use Z2 for most trips, unless you go to Matosinhos, which is Z3 or the airport, which is Z4.

From the airport: You will need to purchase an Andante card for 0.60€ and put a Z4 trip on it for 1.85€ to get to the centre. There is only one line – the Purple line – that runs from the airport, so just hop on the metro and it’ll take you straight to the centre.

NB: When you use the Andante card you can change from bus to metro to bus, as long as it all fits within the one-hour trip!  Pretty cool, huh?

* We advise you not to buy bus tickets on the bus itself because it will cost you a lot more!


This may be a good option for the party nights, since the metro closes at 1 AM and though there are night buses, they are few and less regular. The average taxi fare from our party venue to somewhere around the centre of Porto is around 5-7€. A taxi can take up to 4 people so try to share one! We’ll have someone at the info desk who can help you get a taxi if you need. Here are some taxi numbers:

Radiotáxis Porto: 917 555 085 • 917 555 086 • 935 073 900 • 969 661 667